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Re-energising Camden Event – Wednesday 28 Jan, TFP Offices

The Camden Climate Change Alliance is hosting an event that will bring together businesses, schools and community groups who want to work collaboratively to explore and develop low carbon energy projects in Camden.

A range of specialists will be showcasing just how green energy can strengthen your core business operations whilst offering financial and carbon benefits.

Safe and Secure in 2015

Following on from the success of 2014’s safe and secure training sessions, the BID’s 2015 training programme has been extended. The increased calendar of courses aims to ensure your training needs are met across a wide spectrum of business areas.

Participating BID Members feel the benefits.

Participating Members feel the benefits of the BIDs S@vings Scheme. View details of the latest results and find out about newly added services, FitzInsure, FitzSecure and FitzTraining here.

Camden announce The Camden Adult Apprenticeship Pilot.

See how your business can benefit from this high profile project, designed to open up apprenticeships to mature candidates with children, which aims to focus on allowing employers to access this often untapped pool of talent.