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Ensure your views are included in Camden Council’s Community Safety Service Public Consultation

Camden Council’s Community Safety Service are holding a public consultation focusing on safety, a key concern for the public and businesses alike.

Face-to-Face Fundraising responsibly in Fitzrovia

The Fitzrovia Partnership continue to work with the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association on a voluntary agreement managing the way that the fund raisers operate in the area.

Tottenham Court Road Station update

As one of London Underground’s major schemes in the £2bn Station Capacity Programme, The Partnership is working with TfL to keep members updated on the continuing works to Tottenhan Court Road Station.

FitzOffice Supplies brings further carbon savings to Fitzrovia

Last month the Partnership launched FitzOffice Supplies, a new service that enables ALL members to make some significant financial savings on their stationery needs – whilst helping to reduce the number of delivery vehicles in the area and therefore improving local air quality.

FITZBAC – Fitzrovia Business Against Crime Partnership

The Partnership is creating a Business Crime Reduction Partnership representing member businesses operating in Fitzrovia and its environs – FITZBAC.