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Idling is Fuelish: Improving local air quality by tackling vehicle idling in Fitzrovia

If you’d like to spend your lunchtime improving local air quality, talking to people about how air pollution affects health, and playing giant air quality snakes and ladders games, please sign up to come along to our event. Here’s what will happen before and during the event.

The Fitzrovia Partnership sponsor The Camden Business Sustainability Awards

The awards aims to recognise, inspire and encourage businesses in the borough to go beyond corporate responsibility compliance. It will feature eight categories including themes such as energy efficiency, air quality, procurement, water management, biodiversity and employee engagement.

Business showcase for Camden students at our Make the Grade careers event

Businesses from the Fitzrovia Partnership are invited to take part in an interactive careers event at The 52 Club taking place between 10.00 – 13.00 this spring to give local young people a better understanding of the world of work. Barclays, David Miller Architects, Goodman Jones, McDonalds amongst others, have already signed up for the event […]