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The Fitzrovia Partnership

The Fitzrovia Partnership is a Business Improvement District (BID), a geographical area which the local businesses have voted to invest collectively in improving their environment. BIDs provide additional or improved services as identified and requested by local businesses. BIDs are business-led organisations funded by a mandatory levy on all eligible businesses following a successful ballot and operate for a maximum of five years within the legislative framework.

Our Core Purpose

Through partnership and engagement with the business community to help create and enhance an economically vibrant destination, offering tangible and collective benefits to those who work, live and visit Fitzrovia.

The Fitzrovia Partnership works with community groups, residents and the local authorities to deliver the key themes below identified by our members and set out in our business plan.

Business Plan 2017 – 2022

Shaping Change in Fitzrovia

Reducing Costs

Sustainable Working

Safer and Cleaner

Events and Promotion


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BID Area

Outline of Fitzrovia BID area

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Membership Benefits

On average, our member businesses enjoy an 8:1 return on investment through our comprehensive membership benefits package.

Our member business’ new member pack details all the services you can enjoy over the next 12 months and highlights below the most popular ones which may be of interest…

Popular membership benefits

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  • Full Savings and Procurement programme
  • Free training programmes for personal development
  • Free recycling allocation and reduced rates for waste, stationery, handyman, pest control, IT services
  • Insight Breakfast Meetings and Crime Reduction Meetings
  • Member Networking Events
  • Local marketing, member collaborations, loyalty programme
  • Free meeting rooms and workspaces
  • Membership of Safer Business Network
  • Insight reports and impact evaluation studies

Member businesses in Fitzrovia

The ability of The Partnership to drive added value for the business community is correlated with its membership base.

The membership is made up of 67% offices, 21% retail, 12% restaurant and evening economy.

In our role as the Business Improvement District, we can facilitate business introductions, pop up events, targeted offers and messages to assist with local collaboration and build on the strong Fitzrovia community.

Become a member of The Fitzrovia Partnership

The Fitzrovia Partnership welcomes new members. Businesses in the BID area become automatic voting members if their property’s rateable value is £160,000 or above.

For businesses with a rateable value of below £160,000 they can join as voluntary members. They will receive all the benefits of membership with the exception of the ability to vote during the BID renewal process which takes place every five years.

Voluntary Member Benefits

Voluntary members have full access to all of The Fitzrovia Partnership’s services, events and marketing.

The membership fee is calculated on your Property’s Rateable Value.
It is currently calculated at 0.95481% of your rateable value.
Property Rateable Value: £50,000
TFP membership fee: £477.41 per year.
To support small businesses, this payment can be spread over the year.

How to join

To arrange a meeting to see how you can benefit, please contact our Membership Engagement Manager, Amy Gershfield via email or call on 020 7755 3192.