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An overview of the local Fitzrovia economy

Fitzrovia is an essential cog within the West End economy. The district makes a significant economic contribution to the core West End which itself accounts for 20% of London’s annual GDP.

Over 128,000 people work within 0.5 miles of the Fitzrovia BID area taking advantage of the shopping, dining and social services available during lunchtime or after work. This workforce is a significant driver for the local economy.

To provide our members with an in-depth understanding of Fitzrovia’s commercial environment, in autumn 2013, we commissioned an independent assessment of the area’s current and future provision from leading economic analysts CACI.

The Report provides information about those who work, live, and visit Fitzrovia. It explores the key economic sectors – retail, food and beverage, and office – and incorporates Cushman & Wakefield’s tracking of rental market prices and their suggestions of future trends.

The study will allow the Fitzrovia Partnership to promote the district more effectively, embrace the needs of local businesses and develop a positive environment for future investment. The result is a diverse and vibrant, local economy that retains and attracts key businesses and a suitably skilled workforce.

New Insight Report: The NPD Eating Out Report 2019 by Springboard

Footfall Reporting

Footfall Reporting

We have installed six footfall camera’s in key locations along the length of Tottenham Court Road and Charlotte Street. The weekly report, covers footfall figures for the area, against greater London and the UK, which along with year-on-year figures, gives an insight into key trends and patterns. 

We publish the following footfall reports which are in the members area.  Please login to see all the reports:

Also read London’s Retail, exploring what works, from one of our member businesses, New London Architecture (NLA).

Green Infrastructure Audit

The Fitzrovia Partnership has delivered a Green Infrastructure Audit (GIA) in Partnership with Arup to help identify opportunities for urban greening in the area. 

We aim to work with our partners to establish Fitzrovia as one of the greenest BIDs in London, with a particular focus meeting the demands of increasing footfall and improving air quality. The GIA – delivered with our partners Arup – maps the existing green assets of Fitzrovia alongside the objectives of businesses, residents and stakeholders to present an overall strategy and vision for the future.

The Report is providing a blueprint to agreeing how the businesses and communities of Fitzrovia will work together to enhance the green infrastructure of our area.

The GIA has recommended:

  • The installation of one or more rain gardens to manage potential future flooding, improve bio-diversity and promote air quality
  • Develop a green roof strategy for the whole Fitzrovia area to include quick win green roofs with businesses / building owners.
  • Solutions such as these pocket habitats are a rapid approach to greening almost any flat roof
  • Work with Camden Council to strengthen policies on new developments and building refurbishments to ensure they include green roofs in line with the overall strategy
  • Develop a tree and green wall strategy for Tottenham Court Road
  • Implement shared surface paving and tree avenues for Charlotte Street
  • Deliver temporary mobile planters
  • Work with businesses and building owners to support a vision for window boxes / planters / hanging baskets across the BID district

Contact us to learn more about the audit

Retail Mix Study of Tottenham Court Road

In 2015, the Partnership commissioned CACI to investigate the Retail mix of activity on Tottenham Court Road.

The key findings of Retail Mix Study were:

  • Create a convenient ‘High Street’ Destination for Workers: In order to cater to the needs of the substantial local worker population, Tottenham Court Road should create a convenient ‘high street’ destination. This should focus on Click & Collect, Upper-Mass fashion, services, suitable catering and an evening economy.
  • Retain TCR’s Title as London’s Top Homewares Destination: Tottenham Court Road already has leading flagship homewares stores so marketing initiatives should focus on reinforcing the street’s heritage. A gateway scheme should be introduced to physically mark the street’s retail offer against the wider West End.
  • Develop the brand profile: Introduce new and innovative brands to Tottenham Court Road that offer an experiential element to retailing. Develop an inward investment offer that supports the ambition, and work in partnership with developers and landlords, the Local Authority and other investment agencies.
  • Nurture Independents and Small Businesses: Whilst high rental rates on Tottenham Court Road make it unsuitable for this type of tenant, side streets such as Charlotte Street and Cleveland Street have been identified as locations that already have high levels of independent retailers and also have some vacancy that would allow for a change to the use/retail mix

The impact of Crossrail on Tottenham Court Road

Arup was commissioned by The Fitzrovia Partnership and its neighbouring BIDs to undertake a study in order to help businesses, local authorities and other organisations revisit and plan for the likely impacts and opportunities that Crossrail may bring to central London.

The Report breaks down the figures further to explain that Bond Street, Tottenham Court Road and Farringdon will handle approximately three-quarters of a million people per day by 2026 – an additional half million compared to 2013 levels. 

Crossrail readiness study

Crossrail is currently the largest construction project in Europe with an investment value of £14.8billion. Opening in stages, it will start operating as the Elizabeth line from December 2018, with full service from December 2019. The line will stretch from Reading and Heathrow in the west to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east; it will serve 41 stations including ten new ones.

To identify the potential impact of the Elizabeth line on London’s West End, The Fitzrovia Partnership worked with Arup, The New West End Company and Heart of London BID on a special report.

Find the full Elizabeth line readiness study.


Project Timeline and Milestones


Major fit-out of stations and tunnels continues as does the major upgrade of the existing rail network for Crossrail services by Network Rail.


The first new Crossrail rolling stock will start to replace existing suburban trains between Liverpool Street and Shenfield.


Crossrail OPENS – In late 2018, the first Crossrail services will start through the central London tunnelled section.


In late 2019, the full Crossrail service will be operating from Heathrow and Reading to Abbey Wood and Shenfield.

Arup’s projections indicate that Tottenham Court Road station could achieve demand of some 110 million passengers per annum equivalent to approximately 300,000 passengers per day in 2026. These figures represent an increase of some 250% compared to current levels and 50% compared to a projection based upon Crossrail Ltd’s approach.

The West End Project

The West End Project is being led by Camden Council with an aim to “transform the Tottenham Court Road area, making it safer and more attractive for residents, boosting business and creating new public spaces”.

The Project sees the one-way system on Tottenham Court Road replaced with two-way traffic, tree-lined streets, increased protected cycle lanes and new public space. The scheme will reduce congestion and pollution, widen pavements and make bus journeys quicker. Camden have secured £35 million of investment to deliver this project in improving London’s West End.

The aim of these improvements is to unlock the area’s potential, advancing business and enhancing the public spaces for the community and visitors to enjoy. The project will be delivered by 2018 in time for the opening of Crossrail, when Tottenham Court Road station is predicted to be busier than Heathrow Airport.

To stay up-to-date, please find the latest updates provided by The Fitzrovia Partnership:

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Tottenham Court Road Deliveries Survey

Following responses to a deliveries survey which was compiled by The Fitzrovia Partnership, and completed by over 90 local businesses, we are pleased to share the responses, which have been analysed and professionally published by Arup.

Find the full Tottenham Court Road Freight Survey.

We are delighted to share updates directly from Camden Council. Stay up to date with:

Camden Council continues to update on works in the area. Find their weekly look-ahead on their website, camden.gov.uk/westendproject.

Map: Programme of works

Find the two-year programme map.

Camden Council Stakeholder Briefings:

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Additional Communications

West End Project Gets Underway [08 March]

Trial Holes Map – March 2018

Initial Works Programme – March 2018

Basement Surveys March 2018

February 2018

Introduction – February 2018

February 2018 – Notification Letter (Local Businesses and Residents)

The 24-hour contact telephone number for the works on Tottenham Court Road (Eurovia Contracting): 0845 330 8743.

The current issues

  • Traffic congestion creating delays and poor air quality
  • Narrow and cluttered pavements on Tottenham Court Road that won’t cope with more pedestrians
  • Lack of public spaces to enjoy the area
  • One-way streets on Tottenham Court Road and Gower Street making journeys longer
  • Bus passengers find the area confusing as they can’t arrive and leave from the same street
  • Pedestrian and cycling casualties caused by the speed of traffic and lack of good pedestrian crossings and cycle routes

The vision

  • High quality public spaces for everyone to enjoy
  • Better streets that reduce traffic congestion, delays and collisions
  • Brand new parks, green spaces and improved air quality
  • Safe and attractive streets with wider tree-lined pavements
  • Streets designed to make bus journeys simpler, faster and more reliable
  • Improved streets for cycling including protected cycle lanes on Gower Street
  • A better place to do business

The impacts

Camden have assessed the impacts of the proposals and these would be:

  • Less traffic across the area
  • Some bus routes over 3 minutes quicker
  • 6 new or improved public spaces
  • Up to 285 new trees
  • Widen pavements by up to 2 metres
  • Make an extra 15 streets two-way for cycling

Following public consultation, which included contributions from The Fitzrovia Partnership and its members, Camden Council’s proposals for the West End Project were approved by Cabinet on 22 January 2015

The Fitzrovia Partnership welcomes the work Camden council has done to date the West End Project (WEP) and the decisions made within Cabinet. The Fitzrovia Partnership submitted a full response to the WEP on behalf of our members and is committed to ensuring the Fitzrovia area benefits from the proposals. We will be updating members further when Camden have progressed their decision making following future meetings.

The West End Project website