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Cleaner Air for Fitzrovia – your feedback so far

With high levels of pollution hitting the headlines in recent weeks, The Fitzrovia Partnership is working hard to lower the levels of pollution in the area.

During the past month, our Clean Air Ambassador, Keith Cotton, has visited a 23 BID members in order to inform you on the current issues that are facing Fitzrovia and London, and to capture your thoughts on what you would like to see happen to change the situation.

To date you have told us that one of your key concerns is the high number of heavy freight traffic entering and exiting Fitzrovia at peak times.  To address this, we will be undertaking a feasibility study during the autumn concerning the possibility of freight consolidation.

Your feedback has also highlighted a lack of ‘green’ space within the district. As a direct result, the BID has committed to delivering a Green Infrastructure Audit that will address these concerns and suggest ways for us to increase ‘greening’ in the area for the future.

As a commitment to endorse our campaign, 7 members have already signed an Air Quality Pledge, including MWB Business Exchange, Arup, UCLH, Imagination, and FCB Studios.

Keith will continue to make contact with you all from now until September.