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Draft Camden Planning Guidance

Consultation on Draft Camden Planning Guidance (CPG) documents

The Council is reviewing its Camden Planning Guidance (CPG) documents, which provide detailed advice and guidance on how we apply our planning policies.

The review aims to support the delivery of the recently adopted Local Plan and update CPG documents to reflect changes to national planning policy.

The update is being carried out in two phases to manage the amount of material to be consulted on at any one time and ensure that relevant revised CPG documents take into account the emerging London Plan and changes to national planning policy due in early 2018.

Following the initial ‘call for views’ consultation in May – July 2017, Camden have now prepared drafts of the CPG documents being updated in phase 1 for comment.

How to get involved

Camden are consulting on the draft Camden Planning Guidance documents on: Advertisements, Amenity, Basements, Biodiversity, Community uses, leisure facilities and pubs, Digital infrastructure, Employment sites and business premises, Housing (partial review), Planning for health and wellbeing, Public open space and Town centres.

To view these documents please visit the Camden Council website.

In addition, Camden are welcoming views views on the elements of Camden Planning Guidance due to be updated as part of phase 2 of the review, and any comments you have on the format and usability of the documents.

Have your say

Please send your comments by 12th January 2018:

What happens next?

Taking into account the views Camden receive during the consultation, they will prepare final versions of the above documents and report them to Camden’s Cabinet Member for formal adoption as Supplementary Planning Documents.

Once adopted, the CPG documents can be ‘material considerations’ in planning decisions, although they have less weight than the Local Plan or other development plan documents.

Consultation on CPG documents in phase 2 of the review will follow in 2018. Phase 2 will include a full review of CPG 2 on Housing and reviews of CPG 1: Design, CPG 3 Sustainability, CPG 7 Transport and remaining elements of CPG 8 Planning obligations.