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Face-to-Face Fundraising responsibly in Fitzrovia

The Fitzrovia Partnership continue to work with the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association on a voluntary agreement managing the way that the fund raisers operate in the area. The purpose and spirit of this voluntary Site Management Agreement (SMA) is to facilitate responsible face-to-face fundraising in Fitzrovia and provide balance between the duty of charities and not-for-profit organisations to fundraise and the rights of the public to go about their business without the impression of undue inconvenience.

Fundraisers now abide at all times by the relevant elements of the Institute of Fundraising’s codes of practice and the PFRA’s rule book.

The Agreement continues to minimise the administration for the council, the police and The Fitzrovia Partnership Ambassadors, providing one channel for information and support regarding face-to-face fundraisers, as nominated ‘gatekeepers’ only have to deal with one organisation, the PFRA, instead of dealing with each individual charity and fundraising organisation separately.

The Fitzrovia Partnership monitor the area’s fundraising activity and report back any breaches of the agreement.

If you would like to know more about the Agreement please contact us.