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FitzPark Monitoring Report

FitzPark, the public Parklet situated on Windmill Street has now been in place since July 2017, with countless positive feedback regarding its impact on local environment.

Joint funded by The Fitzrovia Partnership,┬áthe Invest in Arup initiative and Clean Air Better Business (CABB) funding from the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund, FitzPark was installed to provide a green, outdoor space for individuals to rest and relax in the Fitzrovia area.

Since its installation, Arup conducted a monitoring report, which has highlighted the overwhelming positive public response to this space and success in terms of achieving its key objectives, which include:

  • Promoting health and well-being for local residents, workers and visitors
  • Improving the look and feel of the local environment
  • Provide climate change adaptation and increased biodiversity to improve city resilience

Read the full FitzPark monitoring report.