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Fizrovia welcomes the Central line trains resumed service at Tottenham Court Road Station

The reopening of the Central Line at Tottenham Court Road Station has brought significant improved footfall to the area. It highlights the increased opportunities for the area as the improvements from redevelopments connected to Cross Rail take shape.

Central line stopping at Tottenham Court Road

  • Starting Monday, 07  December, Central line trains resumed service at Tottenham Court Road Station.
  • As a result, daily Tottenham Court Road Station entries and exits nearly doubled for the week.
  • The graph below demonstrates the increase in those entering and exiting Tottenham Court Road Station.

Entries & Exits -TCR

    Tottenham Court Road was closed on Saturday 05 December and for part of Sunday o6 December.

Changes in morning commute patterns around Tottenham Court Road

  • Over 2,200 users started regularly commuting to Tottenham Court Road the week after the Central line service resumed at the station.
  • Around 75% of these users commuted to Oxford Circus or Holborn in the previous week (week 49).
  • The figure below shows the AM peak commute stations of these users before Central line service resumed at Tottenham Court Rd.

Former users now comutting to TCR


The Fitzrovia Partnership is actively engaged with TfL regarding the ongoing changes shaping Fitzrovia. A copy of the dedicated presentation provided by TfL to our members can be downloaded here.