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The latest updates and advise on travelling with TfL

With the growing need for improvements to Transport facilities throughout London please see below for some key changes due in the next month.

TUBE UNION RMT is proposing two twenty four hour strikes. Please see the below details at this early stage:

  • Train Operators will strike from 2100 on 25 August for 24 hours.
  • Train Operators will again strike from 2100 on 27 August for 24 hours.

Talks between RMT union and TfL continue in the hope of avoiding further strike action. Details of how this strike action will affect transport is yet to be confirmed.

Victoria Line Part Suspension

The current layout and condition of the track outside Walthamstow Central limits the frequency of trains that can run on this section of the line, so in order to run a more frequent service on the top end of the line, the concrete slabs of the track-bed and the ironwork of the crossover track need to be replaced.

Due to the challenges of installing heavy units in a relatively confined space and the need for significant testing, it is not possible to conduct this work during weekends or overnight. Therefore Victoria lines services between 8-30 August will be affected in the following ways:

  • No Service between Seven Sisters and Walthamstow Central
  • Trains will run less frequently between Seven Sisters and Brixton

To find out more, click here


Goodge Street Ticket Hall Closure

From Saturday 15th August for approximately 4 weeks, there will be major changes to Goodge Street Station Ticket Hall.

These works form part of the Tube modernisation plan and once completed will deliver a more accessible ticket hall with new ticket machines installed. The plan is to remove the current kiosk’s and make access to and from the ticket barrier line more welcoming and customer focused.

At the peak times it is advised to top up your Oyster at other stations or local retailers. Your closest Oyster retailer to Goodge Street Station is Sai News, 8 Tottenham Street,W1T4RB.


Night Tube Launch September 2015

London is already a 24-hour city, and thanks to the huge investment to modernise the Underground, TfL are now rolling out a 24-hour Tube to match. Demand has soared over recent years, with passenger numbers on Friday and Saturday nights up by around 70 per cent since 2000.

Across the Night Tube lines, you will be able to travel between Central London and the outskirts of the city. It will be pivotal to London’s night economy and complement the existing Night bus services and London Taxi and Private Hire vehicles.

For Further Information and Night Tube Maps, click here


Company Cheques

As part of plan to modernise the Tube, TfL will no longer be able to accept company cheques as payment for Tube tickets, as of September this year. Please let your colleagues and employee’s know, and for further information on ways to pay, click here