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London Underground set to implement several large scale schemes as part of their investment in London over the coming 5 years

The Fitzrovia Partnership attended the London Underground Round Table briefing which sets out the priorities for the next 5 years relating to the investment, station and line works for London Underground.

The meeting was chaired by Mark Wild the Managing Director of London Underground with those in attendance from a number of BIDs in central London, London Partners, Chamber of Commerce and representatives from major venues such as Westfield and Olympia.

There are a significant number of schemes in place that will affect nearly all lines of the course of the coming 5 years. These will include station closures, signal and track replacements.

Upcoming works that may impact on the area of Fitzrovia:

  • Over the Easter weekend the Victoria Line will be closed completely on 16 and 17 April to allow for extensive upgrades to be completed on the trains.
  • During August 2017 Waterloo Station is to undergo a considerabel redevelopment to increase platform lengths. This will lead to a 50% reduction in the capacity for passenger usage at the station during the works and produce an uplift in passenger numbers on tube lines coming in from the south.
  • The upgrade and replacement of the lifts at Goodge Street Station is set to take place in the last quarter of 2017, commencing in September and continuing to October 2018. During the refurbishment works of the 4 lifts morning rush hour peak (approximately 2-3hrs) will see the station operate on an ‘exit only’ basis. The lifts will be replaced 2 at a time, so that at no stage is the station without lift service.  The Station team will facilitate entry and passenger volumes during evening peak demand.

The Fitzrovia Partnership is in continual communication with Transport for London and London Undeground Events & Closures Planning Manager to ensure we keep you, as members, informed of works that are impacting London and the Fitzrovia area.

Please contact the team with any queries you may have.