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‘Make the Grade’ – Fitzrovia’s education and skills programme

Funded by The Fitzrovia Partnership and facilitated by The Ahead Partnership ‘Make The Grade’ launches this autumn.

The programme provides direct access to today’s emerging workforce and opportunities for your business’ employees to volunteer and develop their career skills.  Your business is able to participate in exciting projects that inform, enthuse and help develop local students.

‘Make The Grade’ aims to remove obstacles for schools and responds to business needs. More than half of firms in the UK fear their growth will be restricted by skills shortages, and schools say they would like to do more to support careers activities but report that engaging with businesses can be challenging.

Supporting ‘Make the Grade’ is not only great for supporting your business objectives but also in supporting the next generation.

Contact the team to find out more about the exciting ways your business can participate:


Be a Guest Speaker - share your business knowledge

Be a Guest Speaker

This is an opportunity for a motivational speaker from your business to address a captive, bright, young audience in one of Camden’s leading schools on your chosen topic.

Employability Skills Workshops

Employment Skills Workshops

Participate in exciting workshop projects that inform and enthuse students about the workplace opportunities in your business.

Work Placements

Work Placements

Develop your business’ leadership and communication expertise, whilst demonstrating to students how skills developed at school are essential in the work place.

Industry Day

Industry Day

Be part of a cross industry showcase event that provides your business with the chance to meet emerging talent from leading local schools face-to-face