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Participating BID Members feel the benefits.

The annual review of the savings scheme has demonstrated significant value to BID members taking part in the joint procurement scheme. 

  • 83 area businesses actively engaged in the scheme with 64 receiving operational cost savings
  • Savings of £330,000 have been identified and £164,000 savings realised

In addition to the value and benefits of the current savings opportunities the BID has introduced 3 further services to the S@vings offering:

  • FitzInsure – The BID is able to negotiate more favourable premiums on a range of policies such as:

– Public Liability
– Events
– Fleet Vehicles
– Assets

  • FitzSecure – To ensure that you have all the protection you need – for all of your business assets, physical and digital – one of our security experts will work with you to provide a solution that is safe, professional and cost-effective.  Our services include:

– Man Guarding
– Access Control
– Risk Assessment
– Intruder Alarm
– Biometrics

  • FitzTraining – The BID offers a range of Free training sessions for individual employees to brush up their skill, via a selection of one-day courses such as

– First Aid
– Fire Safety
– Counterterrorism training.

We are also able to provide additional on-site training courses for a substantially lower cost to your business.

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