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Safe Spaces Self-Accreditation

To assist with ongoing contingency planning for your business please download this simple Safe Spaces Self-Accreditation – Survey Tool for your businesses to address security, crime prevention and online risks which the Metropolitan Police Services have developed in partnership with MOPAC and various London businesses. It’s simple to use and signposts sources for help and advice.

With the current threat level from international terrorism for the UK remaining assessed as SEVERE, The Fitzrovia Partnership strives to provide up to date information and tools to enable your business to be best prepared.

For further information on MI5’s key points and business security advice please click here.

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office’s Guidance Note for reviewing your Protective Security can now be found in the Counter Terrorism and Contingency Planning section of our Members Area.

For details of the Counter Terrorism Seminars available through The Partnership please refer to our Training Programme or contact the team.


SEVERE means that a terrorist attack is highly likely; MODERATE that an attack is possible, but unlikely.

The threat level for Northern Ireland-related terrorism is set separately for Northern Ireland and Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland). In Northern Ireland it is SEVERE and in Great Britain MODERATE.