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Superfast broadband with connection vouchers and up to 30% off telecoms and digital services.

The government are offering Broadband Connection vouchers worth up to £3,000 to increase your band width or upgrade your broadband.  But there is a limited budget, once it’s gone it’s gone!  

The Fitzrovia Savings Team work with an approved government supplier and can help you apply for the vouchers.

A faster connection can:

  • Offer better services to more satisfied customers
  • Improve your customers’  and staff experience with quicker communication and faster file-sharing
  • Reduce software and hardware costs by switching to online data storage solutions
  • Enhance the way you communicate and collaborate through online video conferencing and cloud-based information sharing

The Savings Team can arrange it all for you.  We will check your eligibility for the scheme, assess your current system, recommend any improvements for your business and help you apply for the Connection Vouchers.

In addition to this we can also work with you to achieve a seamless and reliable telecoms and digital service, including mobile phones, IT support and broadband and while we’re at it help you save up to 30% off your current provider.

We identified savings of circa £117k for Spencer Ogden for just their telephone bills, and they had this to say about our service:

“The Fitzrovia Partnership have worked with us to identify areas of expenditure where there are possible saving to be benefited from. We have used the information provided to leverage better deals from our incumbent suppliers and continue to work with a number of their recommended third party suppliers to not only provide improve costs but significant added value across the entire UK operations.”

Whether it’s connection vouchers to improve your broadband or you are in need of a telecoms review, contact  the Fitzrovia Savings Team now on 020 7755 3389 and let us help you to save money.