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The Bank of England launches new Banknote Checking Scheme 

The Bank of England’s new Banknote Checking Scheme was launched on 10 October. The Scheme is aimed at retailers and businesses and promotes banknote checking at point of sale through targeted training. Its objective is to reduce the number of counterfeit notes being accepted and to reduce losses to businesses.

Any retailer or business can sign up as a supporter of the Banknote Checking Scheme by pledging support to a set of six guiding principles on an annual basis. The Scheme encourages increased banknote checking tailored to each individual business model.  Supporters will have access to advice on best practice and a range of education and training materials to help shape banknote checking within their business.

The Bank will be hosting webinars on 09 and 14 November 2017  to explain more about the Scheme and provide any opportunity for retailers and businesses to ask questions.

To find out more, including the guiding principles summary and to download The Banknote Checking Scheme Brochure click here >>