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The Fitzrovia Partnership’s Air Quality Programme

On March 3, the BID embarked on a new Air Quality Programme to educate our members with regards to some of the key air quality issues for the district.

Air Quality in Fitzrovia is amongst the most polluted in London and has a significant impact on the health of those working, living and visiting the area. After visiting many of the BID members, we identified 8 next steps and recommendations for the BID to consider:

  • Explore the opportunity for freight consolidation and Delivery Service Plans
  • Broker a courier service that utilises low emission vehicles
  • Walking and Cycling promotion with a drive on safety
  • Deliver green infrastructure projects to negate the PM10 and NO2 particles
  • Deliver a retailer support plan
  • Taxi Intervention plan for Tottenham Court Road
  • Extending engagement to more organisations
  • Promote the BID’s sustainability and AQ programme

The BID is currently developing a second phase delivery plan to incorporate the above, with an anticipated commencement date in the new year.

If you would like to know more about the BID’s programme, please contact our Business and Sustainability Manager, Graham Philpot.