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The Fitzrovia Partneship’s and Camden Safer Streets Team – Working in partnership to end street homelessness and reduce street based anti-social behaviour

Fitzrovia is seeing a dramatic increase in rough sleepers and begging activity in the area.

The Fitzrovia Partnership team and the organisations we partner with:  Community Wardens, the Safer Streets team and the Police are conducting joint patrols to strengthen our assistance for individuals, identifying the best support available and allerting the relevant agencies.

As part of this drive we work closely with Camden’s street outreach service the Camden Safer Streets Team (SST), who are commissioned by the London Borough of Camden to end street homelessness and reduce street based anti-social behaviour. Within the team, the role of Streetsafe Coordinator is held by Saul Freeman:

Saul and the team work with:

  • People who are rough sleeping
  • People who habitually use drugs or drink alcohol on the streets
  • People who beg for money
  • People involved in street based prostitution

There were 236 individuals rough sleeping in LBC in 2010. Last year there were 598; this year the increase continues.

Going out on to the streets of Camden 7 days a week to find and engage rough sleepers and those engaging in anti-social street activity, working with these people to support them away from their street based lifestyle by:

  • Helping rough sleepers into accommodation
  • Supporting people who have become street homeless in London, who originate from elsewhere, to return home in a planned and supported way
  • Helping drug and alcohol users to access treatment
  • Supporting people with mental as well as physical health problems to get the medical help they need
  • SST and The Fitzrovia Partnership recognise that street activity affects, not just those actively involved, but also the wider community and therefore work to reduce anti-social behaviour on the streets of Camden through partnership work with Camden Council and the police alongside other enforcement agencies.

In addition to the that obtained via The Fitzrovia Partnership, SST relies on information from the public to find rough sleepers quickly and identify anti social-behaviour hotspots. Saul’s role is to receive information, task the outreach team to target the incidents reported and to feedback to the reporter detailing what is being done to deal with the issue. He is also available to visit hotspots and advise on measures that can be taken to reduce the impact street activity is having.

To contract Saul to make a report about rough sleepers or street activity directly please call 0207 833 7970 or email streetsafe@cgl.org.uk

For further information please visit CamdenSST.com

You can follow STT on Twitter: @Camdensst