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The latest updates and advise on travelling with TfL

TfL have set out plans for a communications approach to keep London’s traffic flowing as a far-reaching programme to improve London’s roads gets underway. TfL are keen to emphasize that while there will be disruptions, they will be providing an increased level of communications support to help businesses and drivers avoid these disruptions.

Road Modernisation Plan

TfL are investing £4bn to modernise the road network for the 21st century. The plan aims to radically improve the efficiency, safety and reliability of the road network through hundreds of transformational projects. It will deliver world class urban realm, cycling and pedestrian facilities and support new jobs and homes.

What this means for London?

This modernisation represents the biggest investment in London’s roads in a generation and, alongside rising private development, means that the number of projects underway on the city’s streets is increasing significantly.

The number of work sites, and deliveries to them, are on the rise. As a result there will be a significant impact on London’s roads, particularly in central London and on routes into the centre. TfL are working hard to minimise congestion where we can.

Travel advice

We are employing a broad range of communications to make people aware:

All road users are advised to check the TfL website.

Plan now to avoid busiest times.

We will use a wide range of communications.

Our website will have month-by-month breakdowns of all schemes’ construction programmes.

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  • TfL Road Freight Bulletin for regular information on issues affecting deliveries in London by emailing freight@tfl.gov.uk.
  • TfL Business Engagement Bulletin for monthly information on how we are helping your travel and transport operations run as efficiently as possible by emailing businessengagement@tfl.gov.uk.

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