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Transforming the Oxford Street distrct

TfL have published the full consultation report that looked at the principles for the transformation of the Oxford Street district and to set out the next steps they intend to take.

Westminster City Council (WCC), the Mayor, Sadiq Khan and TfL are working closely together to transform Oxford Street and the surrounding streets. TfL want to create a better environment, address poor air quality, support a cultural heartland and thriving business district and deliver improved neighbourhoods for residents. The introduction of the Elizabeth line in late 2018 provides a once in a generation opportunity to tackle these challenges and make the district into the world’s best outdoor shopping experience and an unrivalled place to live, work and visit.

TfL jointly held an eight week consultation in April and June 2017 and invited everyone who has a view on the Oxford Street area to share their thoughts. This was a consultation with broad parameters in order to inform much more detailed proposals based on feedback, which TfL have been working on over the summer.

Key findings

TfL received 11,953 responses in total to the consultation. 4,461 were emails that were part of a Living Streets campaign to support the transformation of Oxford Street.

Amongst other issues, respondents were asked whether they supported the transformation of Oxford Street in principle. Of those respondents who completed the on-line consultation questionnaire:

  • 43 per cent selected ‘I support the transformation of Oxford Street and I am comfortable with the changes that would be necessary to make this possible’
  • 19 per cent selected ‘I support the transformation of Oxford Street but I have concerns about the changes that would be necessary’
  • 30 per cent selected ‘I do not support the transformation of Oxford Street’
  • Three per cent selected ‘I am unsure whether or not I support the proposals’
  • Five per cent did not select any option

Responses to the consultation also outlined a number of areas which residents, businesses and stakeholders felt should be considered carefully to ensure that any transformation would be a success both for Oxford Street and the wider area. These included:

  • How the transformation of Oxford Street would affect traffic flows in the surrounding areas
  • What impact the transformation would have on air quality on Oxford Street and across the wider area
  • Ensuring access to and from the Oxford Street district, and along Oxford Street, is maintained, particularly for disabled people, older people or people travelling with young children
  • Confirmation on which forms of transport would be allowed to use a future transformed Oxford Street, and ensuring these are properly catered for throughout the transformation
  • Improving cycling infrastructure on alternative streets around Oxford Street and linking them to the wider cycling network
  • Suggestions for potential designs, including calls for additional planting, better seating and other public realm features such as new public art and al fresco dining

Next steps

TfL are now working to address these issues and to develop designs to transform Oxford Street and its surrounding streets into a world-class public place.

Engineers and designers from both WCC and TfL have been working closely with local groups and key organisations to progress the detailed plans and designs. Ten detailed work streams are underway to directly address the wide range of comments raised during the consultation. These include the re-routing of buses, how deliveries would be made as well as the wider opportunities for highway and public realm design.

Given the significant interest in the scheme, TFL plan to run a second phase of consultation on the transformation of Oxford Street in autumn so you can have your say on a detailed proposal for transformation between Orchard Street and Oxford Circus and your concerns and aspirations about the eastern end of Oxford Street. Subject to final approval by WCC, this next stage of consultation could begin as early as November 2017.

TfL are not just looking at how to improve Oxford Street itself, but this is a scheme that must benefit the whole district. The thousands of responses had will inform a much more detailed consultation on very specific proposals for the benefit of the whole district.

Read the consultation report.

Read the Oxford Street proposed changes to transport.