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Use the BID to help minimise costs with our S@vings programme – and feel the results

As a levy paying business, you have the opportunity to have your existing energy contracts reviewed by your Fitzrovia Partnership BID savings team. 

They will ensure that you are on the right contract and obtaining the very best market rates. If you are not, then your BID savings team will do all the work for you to ensure that everything is in place to counter the effect of the UK wide energy price increases.

This service is provided to you for FREE by the Fitzrovia Partnership BID and all the work is done for you by your BID savings team.

Already in 2014, the S@vings programme has achieved:

  • 360 kg of paper being recycled
  • 3210 kg of CO2 was saved from entering our atmosphere
  • The equivilent of 14 trees were planted
  • We achieved a 57% recycling rate

And… we have saved BID Members a total of £137, 780 to date – a return of 3:1 on your BID levy.

The savings team are currently working with 61 businesses and are reviewing 335 S@vings opportunities.  To-date 75 savings reports have been issued, and 38 of these have resulted in operational savings for members.

Work to date provides an estimated return on investment of 1:3 (for every £1 spent by the Partnership, £3.52 is has been saved by our members).  Recent examples include:

  • GARDINER & THEOBALD LLP – saved £11,000 on utilities contract over 2 years
  • TDL PATHOLOGY – achieved £8640 savings per year on taxis via FitzCars

And by saving money with us, your business can make a big difference to our local environment. All of the general waste that we collect is taken to an energy from waste plant, where it incinerated to produce energy, that is pumped back into the National Grid.

So whether you are an established large office, an burgeoning SME, an independent retailer, or a quirky restaurant, act now to avoid these large increases in business running costs.

Just contact us, and we’ll do the rest, so that you can start saving and improving our local environment.