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The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) have launched a ‘Voice Your Concerns’ function on their website so that people can report local concerns to their Safer Neighborhood Team.

This enables local people and businesses select and vote for up to three issues of concern in their locality each month.

Having voted, you will be taken to a page where the votes can be seen and where you will have the option to “Tell Us More”.  After clicking through “Tell Us More”, you will be able to provide more detail about your concerns via an online form, such as where and when incidents occur and who is involved.

Once complete, you will be able to review and submit this form, then an e-mail will come through to the Safer Neighborhood Teams mailbox and you will have an option for one of the local officers to contact you.

Voicing your concerns enables the local Police team to set the ward priorities according to the concerns of businesses residents.