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Swipii Loyalty Scheme as a vendor

Swipii loyalty scheme in Fitzrovia

The Swipii loyalty programme in its current form has been under review by The Fitzrovia Partnership.  We have decided that it will no longer continue beyond Tuesday, 31 July 2018.

This means a few things to you as a venue using Swipii:

  • The service will no longer be provided free of charge after 31 July.
  • There may be the option to continue with the scheme, subject to Swipii’s terms.
  • Your customers will have until Tuesday, 31 July 2018 to redeem their Swipii points.

If you would like to contact Swipii, you can do so by:

Email: hello@swipiicard.com
Phone: +44 (0) 800 368 7416

The Fitzrovia Partnership will continue to provide a loyalty system within Fitzrovia and subsequently, we want to continue to reward the local community.  We are keen to support local venues and businesses, like yourself, who make Fitzrovia the unique and interesting place it is today.

Nez Food

Providing loyalty through The Fitzrovia Partnership, working with nez.

The Fitzrovia Partnership is pleased to announce we will be working with local loyalty provider, nez.

nez helps you save up to 60% off your favourite local food & drink spots and helps you discover new places you’ll love. Nez is free to download & use and gives you access to over 400 exclusive money busting offers at 50+ restaurants & bars in Fitzrovia.

If your business would like to continue to offer a loyalty system for your customers, The Fitzrovia Partnership can help facilitate this.

Not only can your business provide local offers to a local workforce of over 130,000, but members of The Fitzrovia Partnership can be given direct access to exclusive offers to your business.

To register your interest in providing offers in the local area through The Fitzrovia partnership, please get in touch with the team:

Email: marketing@fitzroviapartnership.com
Phone: 020 7755 3192