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The West End Project Update

The Fitzrovia Partnership meets on a monthly basis with the Camden Project Manager Kevin Stears responsible for delivering the West End Project. Read about the main points following the December meeting.

The Partnership office and team hours this holiday season

The Partnership wants to ensure that our members can reach the relevant team member and/or our partners during the festive period.

Over £1,000,000 in savings achieved for members 

Our S@vings Scheme has seen us identify, assist and provide more that £1M in savings for our members and with new services such as our Business Rates Analysis we are offering increased opportunities to reduce your bottom line 


We continue our focus on sustainabilty and air quality

With initiaves that aim to inform and lead on improved local air quality, reduce waste, conslidate frieght and green our public spaces we are doing more than ever.

EnjoyFitzrovia has had a busy year delivering news, offers and bespoke events to you our members and those who live, work and visit Fitzrovia!

From the newly introduced Festival of Furniture to the ever growing Feast@Fitzrovia and our many Christmas activies, we give you a round up of EnjoyFitzrovia’s year.

Providing safer and cleaner streets for Fitzrovia 

The Operations Team continue to deliver ongoing initaives that seek to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour and improve our public spaces.