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The Fitzrovia Partnership

The Fitzrovia Partnership is a Business Improvement District (BID), a geographical area which the local businesses have voted to invest collectively in improving their environment. BIDs provide additional or improved services as identified and requested by local businesses. BIDs are business-led organisations funded by a mandatory levy on all eligible businesses following a successful ballot and operate for a maximum of five years within the legislative framework.

Our Core Purpose

Through partnership and engagement with the business community to help create and enhance an economically vibrant destination, offering tangible and collective benefits to those who work, live and visit Fitzrovia.

The Fitzrovia Partnership works with community groups, residents and the local authorities to deliver the key themes below identified by our members and set out in our business plan.

  • Shaping Change in Fitzrovia
  • Reducing Costs
  • Sustainable Working
  • Safer and Cleaner
  • Events and Promotion
  • Insight

To find out more, read our Business Plan 2017 -22.

Membership Benefits

On average, our member businesses enjoy an 8/1 return on investment through our comprehensive membership benefits package.

Our member business’ new member pack details all the services you can enjoy over the next 12 months and highlights below the most popular ones which may be of interest…

  • Member Events
  • Insight Breakfast Meetings and Crime Reduction Meetings
  • Full Savings and Procurement programme
  • Free recycling allocation and reduced rates for waste, stationery, handyman, pest control, IT services
  • Local marketing, member collaborations, loyalty programme
  • Free meeting rooms and workspaces
  • Membership of Safer Business Network
  • Free training programmes for personal development
  • Insight reports and impact evaluation studies

Read The Fitzrovia Partnership Member’s Pack.

For more information, please contact The Team.

BID Area

The Fitzrovia Partnership Team

Chief Operating Officer

Lee LyonsLee Lyons has been with the partnership since its voluntary organisation days at the start of 2010, having spent the majority of his career in operational management. He was recruited initially to work on the well-being of the street environment and then became the BID Manager in 2012 with the inception of the Business Improvement District.

Lee’s last role in operations management was managing a team of 100 staff in the security sector, with the main part in Retail, Shopping Centres, the Metropolitan Police and MOD contractors.

Email: lee.lyons@fitzroviapartnership.com
Tel: 020 7755 3193

Head of Place Management 

David FeredayDavid Fereday comes to The Fitzrovia Partnership with over 10 years’ experience in the BID industry, having worked as Operations and Crime Reduction Management roles.  David’s focus is on working in partnership with the police and council to ensure the street environment is a better place to be.

Email: david.fereday@fitzroviapartnership.com
Tel: 020 7755 3398

Head of Marketing and Communications

Bee de Soto  joined The Partnership from an extensive marketing background, having successfully run a marketing agency working with clients based across the South of England. Bee oversees all marketing and communications to our member businesses and ensures our members are kept up-to-date as well as helping to promote Fitzrovia as a destination within London’s West End.

Email: bee.desoto@fitzroviapartnership.com
Tel: 020 7755 5013

Marketing Executive

Currently recruiting. If you are interested in this position please email:

Savings Project Manager

Omar Charlemagne joined The Partnership in the newly created role, Saving Project Manager, in April 2019. His role is to secure the best rates and services for member businesses such as business rate savings, cost efficiencies for stationery, utilities, waste collection etc..

Email: omar.charlemagne@fitzroviapartnership.com
Tel: 020 7755 3389


Business Support

Nancy RogersNancy Rogers joined the BID in November 2015 and provides Business Support for the Partnership team. Nancy brings a wealth of BID Industry experience having worked at Vauxhall One BID and prior to this worked in the public sector for a number of years providing Business Support.

Email: Nancy.rogers@fitzroviapartnership.com
Tel: 020 7755 3192

Place Management Ambassador

Wojciech WojteczekWojciech Wojteczek came to The Fitzrovia Partnership in June 2015, after working at Kingston First BID as Town Centre Ranger. He is responsible for the supervision of our Waste and Recycling Schemes and liaison with local authorities in the management of Fitzrovia’s streetscape.

Email: wojciech.wojteczek@fitzroviapartnership.com
Tel: 020 7755 3192

Place Supervisor

Farid Aliev




Email: farid.aliev@fitzroviapartnership.com
Tel: 020 7755 3395

Street Wardens

Vitalij Bezsus joined The Partnership having gained experience in the security sector. Patrolling the area, the Street Wardens help to prevent and report low-level crime and anti-social behaviour. Working with local stakeholders and the police, Vitalij helps to keep Fitzrovia a safe place to work, live and visit.

Email: vitalij.bezsus@fitzroviapartnership.com
Tel: 020 7755 3192

The Fitzrovia Partnership Board

Board of Directors


David Whittleton
Trustee, Arup

Main Board

David Byrne
Chief Executive, The Doctors Laboratory

Keith Lawrence
General Manager, UCLH

Make Architects 

Celia Caulcott
Vice Provost (Enterprise and London), UCL

Rebecca De Souza
Retail Director, Heal’s

Luke Ade
General Manager, Sainsbury’s

John Bonning
Director, The Building Centre

Niccolo Consigli
General Manager, My Bloomsbury

David Berens
Partner, Fuglers

Aristos Papasavva
Owner, Gigs

Tom Lethart
Assistant Director, City of London

Ben Ridgwell
Head of Asset and. Property Management, Derwent London

Max Neufeld
Chairman, Charlotte Street Association

Chris Dyer
Local Director, Metro Bank

Observers to Board

Cllr Adam Harrison
Cabinet Member for Improving Camden’s Environment, Camden Council

Genny Fernandes
Business Opportunities Manager, Camden Council

Richard Berns
Inspector, Metropolitan Police

Poppy Windsor
Community Partnerships Specialist – Central London, Transport for London 

Board Sub-Groups

The BID’s seeks to embrace the business and wider community with a programme of work that delivers a district with a strong sense of identity and that is clean and safe for all.

To help guide the BID, a number of sector focus groups have been set up to encourage participation and help to add value to the running of the BID.

  • Retail Group
  • Restaurant and Evening Economy
  • Office Sector Group
  • Community Group

Please see August 2019 Sub-Group Presentation.
If you would like to participate in a group that represents your business please contact the team.

Tottenham Court Road Group

The Tottenham Court Road Group aims to listen to the voice of retailers along Tottenham Court Road and the surrounding area, and deliver on projects aimed at driving footfall, supporting the retail calendar, creating a brand identity, and promoting events that we and our members are hosting.

Charlotte Street Group

Charlotte Street and the neighbouring area, plays a leading role in creating the vibrancy that attracts people working and living in the area, alongside a fabulous range of restaurants, and this forum makes sure that their views are represented, whilst we increase awareness of the destination and ensure the quality of the street environment.

Office Sector Group

This group involves the office community on an agenda that includes joint procurement initiatives, building B2B relationships, helping offices to feel safe and secure, supporting improved skill sets, staff benefits and welfare. The group is a platform for servicing common issues, and highlighting offers and events impact the office sector.

Community Group

The Community Group recognises the residents’ inclusive voice within Fitzrovia – therefore, this group is reflective of residential, community groups and third sector interests. This is the group that provides the community with a conduit to business, as well as promoting community issues and events in their own right.

Small Business Group

The Small Business Group is made up of small businesses and independent traders which make up an integral part of Fitzrovia. The group will support a range of projects to benefit the sector, and help to integrate small businesses into the larger business agenda.


The Board consists of up to 18 members:

  • Up to 2 Board members are taken from each of the sector based sub-groups and the community sub-group;
  • Up to 6 other Board members are taken from the BID constituency;
  • Up to 4 positions on the Board are provided to representatives of the organisation’s voluntary members;
  • Up to 2 small businesses who do not form part of the formal BID constituency
  • Up to 2 property owners within the BID district

The Board sub-groups consist of between 6 and 12 members representative of their particular sector:

  • Membership of the business led sub-groups are invited from the BID constituents and from small business voluntary members;
  • Membership of the Community Group is invited from those organisations advised by the London Borough of Camden.

The Board endeavours to secure members from a combination of large and small businesses within the BID constituency and representation from different sectors within the district;

In addition the following organisations may sit on the Board;

  • London Borough of Camden
  • Metropolitan Police
  • Transport for London

As Observers to the Board, these representatives act in an advisory role and are nominated by their respective organisations;

Quorum is a minimum of three Directors.  BID constituents should always form the majority.

BID Documents

  • The BID Business Plan sets out businesses’ priorities for improvements for the area and area services, as well as how the BID will be managed and operated.
  • This document becomes legally binding once a ballot has been won and becomes the framework within which the BID will operate.
  • An Operating Agreement is entered into between a BID and their local authority governing how the BID levy monies are collected and administered and passed over to the BID.
  • BIDs enter into Baseline Agreement with their local authority and other service providers, which specify the level of service provision in the area. These ensure that any services the BID provides are additional.

Performance Measurement

  • It is important for BIDs to measure performance to demonstrate the return on investment to levy payers through activities in the area.
  • British BIDs Accreditation is focused on ensuring quality management systems exist within BIDs.

BID Renewal

  • BIDs operate for a maximum of five years within the legislative framework. If they wish to continue they must go through a renewal ballot process to secure another BID term of up to five years.


The ability of the Partnership to drive added value for the business community is correlated with its membership base.

Collectives can deliver promotional and operational activities which individual businesses often find difficult to achieve.  Within a large collective, individual members will have the opportunity of working with one another to add value to their business growth.  These aspirations are at the very heart of The Fitzrovia Partnership.

Interested in becoming a Voluntary Member?

The Fitzrovia Partnership welcomes new members, and Voluntary Full Members will receive:

FULL ACCESS to ALL of The Partnership’s services, schemes, events and dedicated communications – please see the full list of benefits.

FEE of 0.95481% of your Property’s Rateable Value

To find out the benefits of Membership to your business please contact our Membership Engagement Executive, Amy Gershfield via email or call on 020 7755 3192.