Council paves the way with new recycled roads

Westminster City Council, in collaboration with FM Conway, has implemented a new road surface featuring 92% recycled materials. This is the first time such high percentage of recycled material has been used on a road resurface in the UK. The road and footway upgrade used low-carbon techniques, resulting in a 78% total carbon saving, equivalent to […]

No surprises when you claim tax relief directly with HMRC

Employees that are eligible for a tax refund on work-related expenses are being urged to file their claims directly through HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), which will guarantee that people will get 100% of their claim. The online service can be used by employees to check their eligibility in claiming a tax refund from work […]

Zero emission vehicle transition by 2035 becomes law

The UK Government’s mandate to ensuring that all new cars and vans are zero emission vehicles has now become law, meaning that the UK now has ‘the most ambitious regulatory framework for the switch to electric vehicles of any country in the world.’ The new law means that car manufacturers in the UK will now […]

TfL unveils its full programme of improvements for 2024/25

Transport for London (TfL) has revealed the improvements it intends to make to its network across 2024/25. As part of its Business Plan, TfL says that it is on track to become financially sustainable in its day-to-day operations.  TfL has also pledged to increase ridership, for which it has set out a plan, as well […]

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