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There are currently more than 50 waste and recycling companies operating in the West End. Each provide at least one daily collection and many do not yet comply with Ultra Low Emission requirements. The additional vehicle congestion and resulting pollution has led The Fitzrovia Partnership to take a sustainable approach for the area and undertake a tender process to select preferred suppliers for business waste and recycling for member businesses.

The purpose of the tender was to select companies that comply with regulations, had robust environmental credentials – both in terms of waste collection and waste disposal – and could offer consolidated and banded collections times to reduce the number of vehicles in the area. They also needed to be competitive on price. 

The Tender Process

Five companies were invited to tender with each company required to meet standards in the following areas:

  1. Vehicle types with consideration to engine type and emissions of current fleet vehicles
  2. Specific details of vehicles that will be used in Fitzrovia
  3. Details and timescales of plans to migrate to an emission free at tail pipe fleet in Fitzrovia.
  4. Approach to recycling and the range of materials that could be recycled
  5. Level of support for businesses to increase levels of recycling e.g. workplace behavioural change initiatives
  6. How non-recyclable waste is treated and what proportion goes to landfill.

    The three companies that met all the required conditions and could offer a competitive service to be part of the The Fitzrovia Partnership’s successful Savings Programme as preferred suppliers are:


Our waste and recycling partners

Successful preferred suppliers for waste and recycling

Each preferred supplier can offer a waste and recycling provision and they each have some key benefits depending on your business needs.


 “Large electric fleet with an award-winning recycling operation”

  • 2 collections per day, 7 days per week
  • General waste collections and recycling
  • Curbside collections for high volume waste and recycling
  • Awarded Recycling Business of the Year 2021
  • My Biffa, a new portal to book collections, real-time tracking, recycle reports
  • Waste audits to identify improvements and efficiencies

    Biffa’s services


“Environment-focused, zero-to-landfill, low cost, reliable service.”

First Mile provide a full waste and recycling service for The Fitzrovia Partnership members, with solutions for every type of waste produced, and free expert guidance on how businesses can recycle more.

  • 2 collections per day
  • General waste collections and recycling, including mixed recycling, cardboard recycling, food recycling, coffee recycling, WEEE recycling, confidential waste disposal and over 25 other services. 
  • Detailed environmental data and reporting
  • Delivering all services in a low-impact way (e-cargo, electric, ULEZ compliant)
  • Helping Fitzrovia businesses become greener with help on how to reduce carbon impact

    First Mile’s services


“Reliable and efficient – always in the area collecting from residents, businesses and street cleansing.”

Veolia is Camden Council’s preferred waste and recycling supplier for residents and they have a responsibility for keeping Fitzrovia’s streets clean and clear. The Fitzrovia Partnership already work closely with Veolia to manage rubbish and fly-tipping hotspots in the area.

  • Up to 3 collections a day
  • Flexible item collection, including larger items  
  • General waste and recycling (glass, cardboard, dry mixed, food, coffee cups), Hazardous Waste, WEEE
  • Ad hoc bulk collections
  • Flexible services, both pre-pay and contracts available
  • Co-collect to maximise efficiency and reduce vehicle movements
  • Customer hub
  • Recycling and tonnage report

    Veolia’s services


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