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After a difficult year, I am delighted to see Fitzrovia re-opening again in a clean and safe way whilst focussing on our three core sustainability issues Environmental, Economic and Social. At The Partnership, we are committed to helping all businesses build back better. Plans are being made for a strong year with a calendar of events supporting the return of the office sector to full strength
Lee Lyons, Chief Operating Officer

Environmental, economic, social initiatives, business resilience, green public realm

• Strategic placemaking
• Waste consolidation
• Freight consolidation
• FitzPark and green infrastructure including hanging baskets
• Green transport – bikes

Social initiatives

• Protecting and celebrating the area’s heritage
• Employability programme with local schools, agencies and colleges
• Corporate Social Responsibility

Economic initiatives

• Business Resilience
• Member collaborations

Environmental initiatives

Fitzrovia Partnership is constantly looking at ways of improving and enhancing the work experience in the area for member businesses and their employees.

The project and initiatives are broad and diverse:

Fitzrovia Village

The Fitzrovia Partnership is our go-to for information, facts and figures, updates and concerns, and they will communicate formally to the relevant bodies on our behalf.
Arstos Papasavva, Owner, Gigs

Developments by The Fitzrovia Partnership

• Installation of FitzPark

• Consolidating deliveries workshops (with TfL)

• Research to provide electric alternatives for deliveries

• Sustainability forum for Fitzrovia businesses

• Introducing initiatives from Camden Climate Change Alliance (CCCA)

• Supporting and promoting Camden Climate Pledge

• Further development of Fitzrovia Village concept, working with ARUP to provide feasibility and concepts designs in line with The Mayor of London’s Healthy Streets agenda.

• Installation of Vivacity data monitors to count traffic flow, type and movement

• Working with Camden Council as part of a consultation process for changes in the area

New funding opportunities: working with all our sustainability partners to establish how to access additional funding to support for areas such as urban greening, low and zero emission transport interventions and waste/freight consolidation projects.

For example: The Mayor’s £10m Green Deal, DEFRA 2021-22 Air Quality Grant, TfL Healthy Street for Business

Fitzrovia Village, part of Clean Air Villages 3 (CAV3) is a DEFRA funded project through Cross River Partnership (CRP) to improve the air quality in 16 different London ‘villages’, where both air pollution and population density levels are high.

Developments by CRP

Clean Air Village Directory for Fitzrovia Supporting suppliers using ultra-low emission vehicles, cargo bikes or by foot

• Fitzrovia Clean Air Walking Route

• LiveShares – Saving Money whilst Improving Sustainability

Improving Public Realm

As part of our Shaping Change deliverable, The Fitzrovia Partnership is constantly looking at ways to improve public realm in the area. Many of these measures result in supporting Sustainable Working with the outputs being clean air and healthy streets.

The latest developments includes:

Fitzrovia “Streateries” Project: turning parking and delivery bays into eating spaces for local hospitality businesses

New Green Spaces: Whitfield Gardens regeneration on Tottenham Court Road and the new park on Alfred Place, both part of the West End Project, we are working closely with Camden Council and the West End Project Team.

Our sustainability partners

Resilience (3Rs)

Business resilience is the ability an organisation has to quickly adapt to disruptions whilst maintaining continuous business operations and safeguarding people, assets and overall brand equity. It incorporates crisis management and business continuity.

The Fitzrovia Partnership is a hub of information and resources gathered from our partners and agencies to ensure member businesses are up to date.

If you would like to receive timely updates on critical security and business updates, sign up for our e-alerts.

Why Business Resilience?

All organisations, of any size or type, anywhere in the world, face a wide range of risks which could cause them long-term harm, from financial penalty to reputational damage.

Risks include:

• Pandemic threats, including COVID-19 SARS and Avian Flu

• Natural disasters

• Economic disruption and market turbulence

• Terrorist-related incidents and disruption

• Cyber crime and cyber terrorism

• Civil emergencies, strikes, and similar action

• Compliance failures

• Disruptive technological advances

• Technology failure

• Supply chain failure

The Business Resilience Resource Hub

1.Personal Safety and Counter-terrorism

CSSC: The Cross-sector Safety & Security Communications (CSSC) hub is a partnership between law enforcement agencies, local and national government organisations and private sector businesses.
CSSC website

National Counter Terrorism Security Office: For videos and the latest information on Crowded Places Guidance; Run, Hide, Tell; Advice for Security Managers.
National Counter Terrorism Security Office

MI5: For information on the latest security levels, business security and travel advice.
Information from MI5

2. Cyber Security

NCSC:  The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) provides support to public sector, industry, SMEs as well as the general public by providing effective incident response, help with recovery and practical guidance.

Latest advice on working from home due to Covid-19 virus
NSCS website

3. Health Safety

Public Health England:  aims to protect and promote the nation’s health and well-being and protecting the nation from public health hazards.

Public Health England Website


The Fitzrovia Partnership has developed a website dedicated to COVID-19 which helps businesses ‘REACTIVATE, RECOVER, REVIVE’

It includes all the latest information on Government and Local Authority business support.

Reactivate, Recover, Revive

Business grants

Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed) – for businesses required to close during the lockdowns and Tier 4 restrictions since November 2020

Closed Business Lockdown Payment (CBLP)- for businesses that have been required to close due to national restrictions imposed by government as of 5 January 2021.

For the latest information on the business grants available

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Our business resilience partners

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Fitzrovia Partnership is our go-to for information, facts and figures, updates and concerns, and they will communicate formally to the relevant bodies on our behalf.
Arstos Papasavva, Owner, Gigs

The Fitzrovia Partnership works with local schools, agencies, colleges to offer education and skills programmes and workshops. We also are committed to supporting a number of special local charitable and community organisations such as the local hospital, UCLHospital.

The Fitzrovia Partnership’s chosen charity: The Children’s Ward at UCLH

a. Local Charity Projects

University College London Hospital

University College London Hospital Children and Young People’s Ward (UCLH) Supporting fundraising programmes for the University College London Hospital Children and Young People’s Ward (UCLH):

• Donate a Gift

• Fitzmas Challenge

• Project Snacks with sponsored by Deliveroo (organised by The Fitzrovia Partnership)

• COVID support initiatives: Sweet Treats, Delivery Drinks, hand creams, lip balms

All Soul’s Primary School

All Soul’s Primary School is the only school in the Fitzrovia BID area. It is a vibrant multicultural community with children coming from all walks of life with varying degrees of home stability and support. As with any central London school, it is short on space.

For 2021, The Fitzrovia Partnership is sponsoring the new space opposite the school to enable the children to have breakfast and after-school clubs.


Fitzrovia Youth In Action

Supporting Camden’s leading youth action charity with local activities and events.

2020 Fund-Raising Achievements:

Donate a Gift: £2,783 = 278 gifts

Fitzmas Challenge: £3,330 raised

COVID Support Initiative: 10,000 drinks, 4,000 cereal bars, 4 pallets of treats

All Soul’s Primary School, Room Sponsorship

Our corporate social responsibility partners