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10 tips to working from home

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    Bee De Soto

    Working from home


    Our top 10 tips to working from home:

    1. Set Real Work Hours
    2. Get up at the same time each day – early enough to start work!
    3. Get dressed – don’t Start Your Work Day in Your PJs
    4. ‘Go’ to work – walk around the block to get to ‘work’
    5. Make To-Do Lists each morning
    6. Exercise & Stretch Regularly
    7. Eat Healthy Lunch & Snacks
    8. Take Short Breaks
    9. Listen to Music
    10. Check-in with colleagues frequently – organise a remote coffee catch up

    Lee Lyons

    my top top tip from experience is to make sure you are sitting appropriately, it is all too easy to lay down on the sofa etc, this will cause longer term problems with back and legs.

    Remember that we have ergonomic chairs etc in the work place for a reason.

    And, think about what you eat, we are working close tot he fridge, and if like me you have access to a beer pump at home, trouble is only around the corner. Self-Discipline is required.


    Routine – if you normally walk (or run, or cycle) to the office, consider going for a walk or doing another form exercise before you start your work day.

    Also focus is important – prioritise your tasks and minimise your distractions. As tempting as it is to read and respond to that email or text it will keep until you have completed what you set out to do.


    Bank of Me Burst (Podcast) – keeping a team a team when everyone’s remote


    When asked to describe remote working, we talk about a high-stress environment. Unless you are adept at working at home, it can be one of the hardest environments to be effective in – new distractions, lack of resources and, as we explore in this podcast, something that can make people feel isolated.

    Jane and Chris explore more ideas around how to make a success of remote working – staying connected, being proactive in relationships and ensuring your social sphere doesn’t shrink down to the few people that you absolutely need to connect with.

    Link below



    Bank of Me Burst (Podcast) – the challenge of remote working


    Right now, many companies are facing up to the challenge of temporarily changing how their people work – putting in place travel bans and remote working requirements as part of their efforts to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

    Like a snow-day, the novelty of the situation soon wears off, and people across the globe (particularly in China and Hong Kong, where people have been facing this situation far longer) are struggling to make the situation work. Put simply, most of us just don’t know how to work effectively outside of the office.

    This team have been producing support materials for organisations wanting to help people remain connected, positive and effective. In this burst they share some quick tips and thinking to get people into the right mindset for remote working and virtual collaboration.

    Link to Podcast below



    If you’re about to have a call or remote meeting, just let others in your place know before so they don’t burst in on your meeting wanting to chat.

    Also when you do have a lunch break, make sure to take it away from where you’re working if possible, so it really feels like a break.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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