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Additional Christmas policing for Fitzrovia

In the run up to Christmas The Fitzrovia Partnership are responding to our members wishes to see a more visible police presence in Tottenham Court Road. Their presence will address anti-social behaviour, theft and begging and to reduce any fear of crime by funding additional officers to patrol in Tottenham Court Road in uniform.

The times and locations for the patrols have been chosen taking into account peak times for reported crimes and the footfall figures for the area. The patrols will take place on selected days starting on the 30th November 2015 and ending on the 5th January 2016.

The officers will carry the CBAC radio and so will be able to communicate directly with any business calling them for assistance. Fitzrovia Partnership Ambassadors will also patrol with the officers.

The officers will be tasked to:-

  • Visit open door businesses, making themselves known to the staff and patrolling in the stores
  • Give crime prevention advice where necessary
  • Engage with any beggars operating and take appropriate action
  • Engage with any rough sleepers found and take appropriate action

Businesses in the appropriate patrol areas will be notified of the patrols beforehand and asked for any feedback after.