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Anti-covid 19 restrictions protest – ´╗┐Saturday 19 December 2020

On Saturday 19 December, several freedom rights groups are planning to march from Parliament Square and to several undisclosed central London areas that could take place at any time. The event is to protest local restrictions, mask wearing and vaccinations and other government guidelines. Large crowds are expected as these conspiracy theory demonstrations have gained more supporters over the weeks.

Activity is likely to stay based in the West End, however exact start and end times are unknown. Possible parrallel events are expected.

Disruptions are expected such as:

  • Bottles and smoke bombs being used on police
  • Loud noise disruption from whistles, pots, pans etc.
  • Obstructing traffic and blocking roads leading to diversions

The number of protesters is expected to be higher this weekend due to London entering Tier 3 on Wednesday 16 December. Previous similar protests have led to criminal damage of property and scuffles with police. A police presence will be there, implementing an appropriate policing plan.