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As temperatures drop, savings opportunities rise for members

Members have the opportunity to save up to 50% off energy bills this winter.

The Fitz Savings Team have identified savings of over £127, 000 on energy.

The Partnership have worked with numerous members to deliver these savings, on average providing £6,500 per company and up to 50% off.

Imagine what impact could be felt on your  bottom line.

With oil prices being so low at the moment, now is the time to make the switch and you will be on your new tariff with reduced energy prices in time for Christmas and the winter months – the perfect time to make maximum savings.

We often find members have come out of contract and have been put on a generic tariff paying above average rates – switching is easy, the Savings Team will take care of it all and those winter fuel bills will be more manageable.

  • We identified savings of £15,000 for one company, who have been able to reinvest this and grow their business.
  • Gardiner & Theobald have saved £21,000 to date.
  • Samuel French Ltd have also saved a considerable sum since using the Savings Team and were delighted with the service and ease of switching to the new provider.
  • A further member saved £11,100 and have added it to their bottom line.

We are delighted to help these individual members but what makes us truly happy is the collective improvement we can make – helping many of you achieve your goals through collaborating and working together.

The Fitzrovia Savings Team can be contacted on savings@fitzroviapartnership.com.  One call could save you money on not just energy, but across all of our services!