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BID hosts Norwegian ‘ATCM’ & Government

Earlier this month, The Fitzrovia Partnership hosted a visit from eight representatives from The Norwegian Association of Town Centre Management (NSU), and representatives of the Norwegian Government.  

The UK ATCM selected the Fitzrovia BID as a good example of industry ‘best practice’, for our Norwegian visitors to come and learn how BIDs work and to take away some real-life examples and policy change opportunities to replicate back in their homeland.

TFP highlighted the differences between a BID and a Town Centre Management Company, the mechanics behind putting BIDs together, and some of the national policy challenges that we face. The Chairman of The Fitzrovia Partnership, David Whittleton, also highlighted why his company Arup believed in Business Improvement Districts as a positive mechanism for change in the local area and economy, and the wider strategic ability to influence the public sector decision making as a positive outcome for the voice of business.