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Remembering Olaudah Equiano

Olaudah Equiano was an influential Fitzrovia resident, with a fascinating story to tell. He was a freedman who moved to England in 1768, who was part of the British abolitionist movement. He  lived at numerous Fitzrovia addresses including Tottenham Street and Riding House Street where he wrote his critically acclaimed book, The Interesting Narrative. It went through nine editions and helped gain passage of the British Slave trade act of 1807 which abolished the African slave trade. He lectured throughout England to inform and help abolish slavery.

He was recently found to be buried on Tottenham Court Road, near to the Whitfield gardens and International American Church.
Read more about his final resting place on Tottenham Court Road

A blue plaque is to be unveiled in his name on 31 march 2020 at 37 Tottenham Street where he resided

The Fitzrovia Partnership is proud to support and celebrate Black History Month. Olaudah Equiano is an important and inspirational character within Fitzrovia’s history, where he lived part of his remarkable life. At that time, Fitzrovia was a place which attracted poets and artists from all backgrounds with taste and ambition, which have left lasting legacies in the area.