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Bridge the skills gap with Camden Apprenticeships

Camden Apprenticeships is an award-winning recruitment scheme set up by Camden Council in 2010 to support businesses in filling their skills shortages whilst investing in the young people in their local community.

Camden provides a bespoke recruitment service that is FREE and easy to use, enabling your business to shape its future workforce in a way which benefits everyone.

Camden Apprenticeships has supported over 400 employers to source mature and motivated 16-24 year olds to fill skills gaps in a wide range of sectors, including but not limited to professional services, science and technology and the creative industries.

The programme’s aim is to make the apprenticeship process as simple as possible, taking care of training and sourcing young talent, leaving you free to focus on the important task of developing your new employee/s.

Your copy of the guide provides you with an overview of the service we offer to those who are considering recruiting an apprentice. Please contact Camden Apprenticeships if you would like to find out more.