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Businesses vote 87% in support of The Fitzrovia Partnership mandate to operate as a Business Improvement District

We are pleased to confirm that businesses have resoundingly supported the renewal of the Fitzrovia Partnership’s mandate to operate as a Business Improvement District, continuing to work on behalf of businesses in Fitzrovia.

The Fitzrovia Partnership has been representing business for approaching 10 years and our track record of developing the area for the better has earned us a reputation as a credible contributor to the success of the district.

Fitzrovia continues to experience major change. Crossrail, the development of Tottenham Court Road, changes to infrastructure and development of the built environment represent the most significant changes to the neighbourhood since the 1960s.  Together with the economic benefits these changes bring, there will inevitably be increased pressure on Fitzrovia’s public realm and public services. Ensuring the upkeep and maintenance of streets, open spaces and other public amenities presents a major challenge. The Fitzrovia Partnership has an important leadership role in helping to shape this change for the benefit of all that that work in, live in, and visit the area.

As a business led initiative the Partnership brings together local businesses to add value and make a tangible difference to Fitzrovia. Since its inception as a BID in 2012 the Partnership has sought to embrace its current 237 members and the wider business community behind a shared vision for Fitzrovia.  The BID provides a formal mechanism to provide enhanced leverage, investment, sustainability, profile, operational and promotional activity, scale and budget to the overall management of Fitzrovia for the benefit of its members operating in the area.

There are a number of common themes to which the Fitzrovia Partnership will focus its activity:

Shaping Change

We will provide businesses with an influential voice to stimulate change where necessary resolve challenges and take advantage of opportunities. We will work In partnership with, and lobby local government, to help support our business community to grow and flourish in Fitzrovia.

Reducing Costs

Increasing occupancy costs continue to challenge business in Fitzrovia. Through specialist procurement and economies of scale, The Fitzrovia Partnership will provide added value and tangible benefits to help meet members’ economic, corporate and social responsibility, and environmental ambitions.

Sustainable Working

We will promote the district’s approach to sustainability and environmental awareness; striving for a healthier and more cost-effective operating environment and enhancing both individual businesses and the area’s environmental credentials.

Safer and Cleaner

We will find innovative and effective ways of working to ensure Fitzrovia is memorable and inspiring; making our streets safer, cleaner and more welcoming. We will look at how we manage and enjoy public space, what takes place and how it looks and feels; advocating change where necessary.

Events and Promotion

The Partnership will develop the reputation and positioning of Fitzrovia and promote a cohesive identity for our commercial hubs through intelligent and adventurous marketing. We will collaborate with neighbouring West End organisations in a collective marketing strategy raising the profile of Fitzrovia for corporate, worker and consumer audiences.


Fitzrovia is home to international organisations as well as a range of national and independent shops, restaurants and leisure operators. As a collective, The Partnership brings them together through business-focused events to provide access to insights and commercial opportunities.

The Fitzrovia Partnership will be ambitious, embrace the changes taking place while protecting what makes Fitzrovia a great place to be.  We are developing our work with partners, and ensuring that our members benefit from both a vibrant and commercially successful destination of choice.

We look forward to working with you during the next 5 years.



Lee Lyons