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Calling all Air Quality Champions

Carbon Smart are launching the digital version of their ‘Empower Change’ guide on 2nd June at 12.30pm via an interactive 30 minute webinar.

The guide is specifically aimed at those who have some responsibility for delivering sustainable change in organisations. It is designed to be easy and quick to read, giving a structure and guidance on how to approach engaging employees and management.

Carbon Smart’s Associate Director, Adam Woodhall, has distilled his 20 years of behaviour change, commercial and sustainability experience into writing this guide, and he will lead this informative webinar.

What you will gain from attending the webinar:

  • Increase your awareness of how to engage employees and create behaviour change
  • An understanding of the industry leading ‘Smart Change’ process of “Ignite > Empower > Grow” that is the foundation of the guide
  • Hear from prominent professionals on how they have empowered change in their organisation
  • An opportunity to ask questions on the topic of empowering change

Sign up for the webinar.

You can pre-apply for the guide by emailing Adam Woodall.