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Camden announce The Camden Adult Apprenticeship Pilot.

Camden Adult Apprenticeship Pilot, aims to create apprenticeships for those aged 25+.  Designed to open up apprenticeships to mature candidates with children, this high profile project focuses on allowing employers to access this often untapped pool of talent.

 Why get involved?

All training costs are paid for and a wide range of qualifications are available to fit the needs of your business. If you pay your apprentice London Living Wage then there is a financial incentive of up to £4500 to offer a vacancy.

What is an Adult Apprenticeship?

The Camden Adult Apprenticeship Pilot aims to give 10 Camden residents who are over the age of 25 the opportunity to work for a range of exciting employers in roles that will allow them to develop news skills and knowledge while they earn. These apprenticeships will be part-time and offer flexible working hours.

Are there different apprenticeships available?

Yes, there is a wide range of training and qualifications available for adult apprenticeships. Camden’s coordinator will ensure that you get the right framework to complement your organisation.

Why consider recruiting an Adult Apprentice?

Candidates will be mature, motivated and with greater life experience which will translate to loyal and enthusiastic staff. Throughout the apprenticeship Camden stay in touch, supporting and mentoring the apprentices, while giving advice to you, their employer, when needed.

How does it work?

Each apprenticeship lasts up to 2 years. Apprentices spend up to 25 hours days a week in part-time work and possibly some sessions at a local college. The apprenticeship team will offer a pain free recruitment process. It only requires a job description to be produced and will result in a selection of suitable candidates for interview.

How much will it cost?

It will only cost you the salary of the apprentice. The pilot is able to offer London Living Wage employers a financial incentive to recruit an Adult Apprentice. All training costs will also be covered by the pilot as will any costs that might arise for the candidate moving into the apprenticeship.

What happens at the end?

It’s completely up to you. Once the agreed contract is up there’s no commitment on either side. However, apprentices often prove invaluable and help businesses to grow in a cost-effective way. In many cases they are taken on – freeing the business to bring in another apprentice.

How do you find out more?

Camden are very keen to hear from employers who would like to get involved. . Please get touch by email – Thomas.humphreys@camden.gov.uk or phone – 0207 974 1667