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Camden Environmental Services are running a Clean Camden educational campaign from the 09 – 20 October 2017.

The campaign will be focussing on fly tipping (in its various forms) from the single black bag dumped on the corner of the road to the large scale house clearance dumped in the back of a carpark area.

Camden join the national anti fly tipping campaign designed by Keep Britain Tidy using the slogans. #Crime Not To Care and #Your Rubbish Your Responsibility

Posters and flyers will be distributed throughout the campaign, in various locations such as notice boards and other eye-catching locations etc.

Camden will be carrying out intensive patrols of known hotspots where fly tipping occurs during the two week period and will be marking up found fly tips with special “Crime Scene “ tape to help highlight the criminal aspect of these crimes which is often done inadvertently by residents and businesses.

In addition to the patrols Camden will also be holding road show type events at some of their markets; with the next held at Inverness Street (18th  October) where they will be providing information to help tackle the issue of fly tipping.  Please feel free to visit during the event and take part in any of the activities.

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