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Camden Police and Islington Police join forces

Camden Police and Islington Police are beginning a trial of merging services across the two boroughs. This is the first trial by the Metropolitan Police of this nature. If the desired positive results are achieved then subsequent boroughs will follow suit.

The Fitzrovia area Ward (Bloomsbury) will have 2 additional Dedicated Ward Officers assigned taking the total to 4. The officers will be solely focused on community matters leaving response teams to investigate reports of crime.  The current Inspector, Local Sergeant and PCSO’s remain in place, with the response teams due to increase in size.

The Fitzrovia Partnership Operations and Ambassador team will be introducing the new officers assigned to the area to businesses and look forward to building on our existing relationship with the Metropolitan Police.

If you would like to find out more about how your business can benefit from working with the Partnership on reducing crime in the area through attendance at FITZBAC (Fitzrovia Business Against Crime) meetings or the newly formed Whatsapp group please contact the team.