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Camden’s Local Election – Results

Camden Council remains a Labour stronghold. According to the Camden New Journal article, former mayor and leader Cllr Nash Ali was voted out of the cabinet as a reshuffle took place with Cllr Heather Johnson taking the Planning role (Previously Cllr Sue Vincent). Cllr Maryam Eslamdoust retained the chair of licensing role.

The parts of three council wards that make up Fitzrovia — Bloomsbury in Camden, and Marylebone High Street and West End in Westminster saw a few changes.

In Camden’s Bloomsbury ward there are three Labour councillors. Adam Harrison was re-elected and polled more votes than any other candidate. He is joined by newly elected Labour councillors Sabrina Francis and Rishi Madlani. Rishi is also Chair of the Bloomsbury Safer Neighbourhood Panel and has been in the ward since 2001 as a student.

In the City of Westminster’s West End ward three Conservative councillors were elected. Councillor Glenys Roberts was re-elected, and Paul Church was newly elected, and councillor Jonathan Glanz was also re-elected albeit with fewer votes than the previous election which may be a result of his negative comments about social housing tenants earlier this year.

Marylebone High Street ward saw little change with Iain Bott and Ian Rowley both becoming re-elected, and Karen Scarborough was newly elected.

Please find below a breakdown of councillor votes in the three wards:

Camden Vote count


Sabrina Francis, (Lab), 1271 ELECTED

Adam Harrison, (Lab), 1295 ELECTED

Rishi Madlani (Lab), 1226 ELECTED

Timothy Barnes (Con), 608
Aimery De Malet (Lib Dem) , 212
Hammond Baig, (Lib Dem) 185

SamueL Gage (Green), 396

Giles Game (UKIP), 219

Stanley Grossman, (Lib Dem), 167

Andrew Keep (Con). 536

Sarah Macken, (Con), 489

Dee Searle, (Green), 419

Shana Tufail (Green), 341

Turnout: 33.11 %


Marylebone High Street Vote count

Iain Bott (Conservative) 1,199 ELECTED

Karen Scarborough (Conservative) 1,075 ELECTED

Ian Rowley (Conservative) 1,145 ELECTED

Madge Cavalla (Labour) 343

Alistair Barr (Lib Dem) 220

Peter Cavalla (Labour) 275

Owain Garside (Labour) 315

Haude Lannon (Liberal Democrats) 127

Sally Sampson (Lib Dem) 182

Hugh Small (Green) 306


Paul Church, Conservative Party Candidate, 1027 ELECTED

Marjorie Glenys Roberts, Conservative Party Candidate, 914 ELECTED

Jonathan Glanz, Conservative Party Candidate, 865 ELECTED

Emma Cook, Labour Party Candidate,, 453

Anton David Humphrey De Beristain, Green Party, 309

Damian Dewhirst, Labour Party Candidate, 393

Christophe Dumigan, Labour Party Candidate, 435

Andrew Murray, Independent, 347

Alan Ravenscroft, Liberal Democrats, 152

Sophie Alma Sperry, Liberal Democrats 145