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Changes to buses in Central London due to commence summer 2017

TfL recently reviewed and consulted on proposals for a number of bus routes into the West End and adjacent areas, with over 3,4000 responses received.

TfL  have now published their results and would like to thank those who provided comments. The consultation report and an executive summary plus link to proposed changes are available from their website.

The proposals were drawn up on a network basis and involve a combination of, changing where some routes terminate, re-routeing some away from Oxford Street and extending others to maintain connections.

TfL asked people if they used the specific bus services being consulted on, and have identified users and non-users.

Overall, approximately 20 per cent of respondents were users of the routes concerned.

A number of key themes emerged from the consultation:

  • Support for the way in which the review would complement wider initiatives such as the transformation of Oxford Street
  • Concern about the loss of direct bus links (for example to and from Victoria), the need to interchange, and risks of overcrowding on bus and Tube services
  • Concern about the impact on the more vulnerable users, for example, those with mobility impairments

Further details can be found in their Executive Summary.

A further review of the proposals and when they should be introduced, in light of the comments received, has been undertaken.

TfL intend to go ahead with the proposals as put forward in the consultation except for the proposal to change route 23 at its western end (diversion to Wembley) and the associated change to route 452, which will be considered further in conjunction with stakeholders.

TfL intend to start introducing changes from summer 2017.  This is generally earlier than originally proposed because the overall level of demand on these routes is now appreciably lower than had been anticipated by this stage.

Detailed implementation dates are being reviewed with TfL also looking at how the resource saved could be used on other parts of the bus network.