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Clean Air and a Sustainable Fitzrovia – what matters to you?

The BID has recently been engaging with members about our Clean Air programme to make positive change in Fitzrovia and to derive some next step recommendations, during the course of your 1-2-1 sessions with our Air Quality Ambassador.

The key recommendations from Phase 1, for the consideration of the BID to deliver in Phase 2 are:

  • To install some Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points in Fitzrovia to create demand and publicise current incentives to buy them
  • To create a low/zero emission distribution and/or courier service for members To explore a ‘green’ consolidation offer, possibly tying in with Camden’s new consolidation centre
  • To ensure that as much as possible is delivered from the BID’s new Green Infrastructure Audit
  • To continue the 1-2-1 engagement with businesses not yet reached within Fitzrovia

The BID will determine these outcomes in due course, which will form the basis for an extension to the project.