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Clean Air for Fitzrovia – our new campaign

March 3 saw the appointment of Keith Cotton as the BID’s new Air Quality Ambassador.

Air quality in Fitzrovia is amongst the worst in London and has a significant impact on the health of those working, visiting and living in the area. Whereas in the 60s, the smog was visible, today it is invisible – misleading us all into thinking there is no problem, or not being aware at all. Keith is a leading expert in the issues of Air Quality, and we welcome him aboard. In addition to his work in Fitzrovia, he is also the lead advisor for Mayor Boris Johnson and the GLA. By appointing Keith, we will be tapping into a major resource for positive change and one that has strong links in enabling us to strengthen our partnership working within this field. Keith’s main role is to:

  • Educate BID members as to immediate and long term positive changes that can be made
  • Introduce a bespoke plan of action for businesses to follow
  • Tackle the issue of highly polluting diesel vehicles and gas boilers
  • Reduce the amount of Particulate Matter (PM) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in Fitzrovia’s atmosphere in the long term
  • Improve health and well-being for employees and residents within the area

Resolving the issue of air quality, at a local level, has only positives associated with it, and the BID is taking the strategic lead for the area to tackle the issue, in association with Camden Council and TFL. Keith will be contacting you this month to arrange meetings and to gather pledges in our commitment to improving air quality.