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Cleansing Fitzrovia’s open spaces and streetscape

June has seen Whitfield Gardens cleansed and specially treated to prevent dirt and grime from penetrating into the paving. This means that when it rains the paving can be sluiced clean.

The Partnership’s programme of cleansing continue northwards on Tottenham Court Road with approximately 900 sq meters of paving cleaned.

04 July 2016 – Entrance of Santander Bank to Spearmint Rhino – 330 sq meters

11 July 2016 –  Corner with Grafton Way to 145 Tottenham Court Rd –  276 sq meters

18 July 2016 –  Between 145 and 149 Tottenham Court Rd – 282 sq meters

Our Ambassadors are supporting Camden Council by emptying the bins and around and in Crabtree Fields at lunch times when they generally fill and overflow, to allow for a more pleasant environment for the business and resident communities.

Keep up-to-date with the areas being targeted via twitter @FitzPartnership.