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Cleansing Fitzrovia’s Open Spaces and Streetscape

Our programme of cleansing resumed in January and continues into February, taking place each week, with over 800 Sq mtrs cleansed to date.  Businesses are notified by our ambassadors prior to the cleanses and re-visted post cleanse to review the results. The feedback to our ambassadors from members has been extremely positive, with the cleansing seen as a vital part of improving the streetscape of Fitzrovia.

The areas cleansed in 2016 include:

18 January 2016 – Whitfield Gardens paved area, 315 sq mtrs

Whitfield Gardens Before     Whitfield Gardens After

Before                                           After 

25 January 2016 – Tottenham Court Road M&S to Oliver Bonus, 148 sq mtrs

07 February 2016 – Whitfield Street and Goodge Street, 407 sq mtrs

Street Cleanse-3-cropped     Street Cleanse-1-cropped

Before                                         After 

If you would like to know more about the additional cleansing please contact the team.