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Counter Terrorism Protective Security Update

On Monday 01 August 2016 Detective Superintendent Dave Roney spoke to Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications (CSSC) Industry Sector Leeds about the current threat from international terrorism in the United Kingdom.

Download your copy of the CSSC Counter Terrorism Update. Key points and associated websites are provided below:

  • There is no intel regarding an immediate terrorist attack, the Threat Level for the UK remains, as it has been for 2 years, at SEVERE*
  • The general public is reminded to stay vigilant. If you suspect it report it – Confidential Anti-Terrorism Hotline 0800 789 321
  • There will be a more visible presence of armed officers on the street going forward.

Key Websites:

The Partnership recommends it’s members attend Griffin and Argus Seminars, details of which can be found in our Training Programme.


*SEVERE means an attack is highly likely