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Enjoy a breath of fresh air thanks to Fitzrovia’s first Air Purification Units

The Fitzrovia Partnership brings you Fitzrovia’s first Air Purification Units (APUs).

The first of these units, along with an information panel, are being installed on Saturday, 05 March as part of a trial that will last until July 2017.

APU Mace with Installers - cropped


Air quality in Fitzrovia is some of the worst in the UK, with Tottenham Court Road being one of the top ten most polluted roads in London.  As a direct response to air quality issues and as part of The Partnership’s commitment to improving and maintaining the local public realm we have partnered with local stakeholders to bring a healthy and beautiful burst of green to The Avenue on Tottenham Court Road.

Using the natural air purification benefits of plants, the installation of APUs will help to contribute clean and healthy air at street level, producing almost 2 million litres of purified air every 24 hours per unit.

The aim is to roll out APUs to other locations including tube frontages, phone boxes and railings to provide the best coverage of the most polluted pockets in the area. The Partnership will be tracking the effects of the APUs impact on local air quality through the installation of monitoring sensors.

Air Purification Unit  APU-Telephone Box  Air purification unit Fitzrovia - more bus