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Ensure your views are included in Camden Council’s Community Safety Service Public Consultation

Camden Council’s Community Safety Service has commenced a public consultation. They know that community safety is a key concern for the public and business. In order to focus resources on the most vulnerable and at highest risk in the community, the Community Safety Team will have to change the way it provides services. The consultation outlines proposed changes to the service in the context of Camden’s overall financial challenge.

There will also be information in the consultation regarding the areas where the Community Safety Service is proposing to reduce funding with the reasons for doing so. These include the response to antisocial behaviour and some of our patrol services.  The housing patrol and CCTV services on our estates will continue.

Given the focus on providing support to those who are most vulnerable and at the highest risk of harm in our communities, they are considering increasing investment  in services to tackle domestic violence and abuse and are looking to maintain our investment in addressing rough sleeping.

This is further outlined in the attached consultation document.

The Council welcome your comments and look forward to receiving your feedback. The public consultation will run for eight weeks with the deadline to submit feedback 5pm on Tuesday, 12 July.

You can complete the consultation online at or complete a paper copy access via the website and submit via free post.

The feedback from the consultation will help influence how the reduced funding is prioritised.

The Fitzrovia Partnership encourages you to review the consultation and respond by the 12 July. A key consideration is that a visual presence on the street to help reduce the fear of crime and to tackle anti-social behaviour is key to ensuring that our area is a safe place to be.

If you wish to discuss the consultation please contact David Fereday.